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Rainn Wilson, actor and creator of Soul Pancake, discusses creativity, blocks, and how to find inspiration.

“We’re so focused on the externals about like well he did this and he already did this and tons of people are already doing that, I need to do something new and you’re just looking outwards all the time and you’re not taking that time and that is what… a trap of technology is to just always have our vision somewhere else, somewhere else, in the future, looking outside of ourselves. And I think taking the time in the morning to connect with your breath, that’s where the purest impulse comes from. “

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Hello, citizens of the Internet. My name is Aly, and today I decided to start my blog. Like a lot of you, I am a member of Generation Y: raised on computers, taught by technology. Because of this, I am distracted easily. I struggle to narrow down my interests to a specific topic, but this is not a hindrance. You are reading this because of that lack of direction. I like a lot of things, and I like to learn about them. You, lurkers, probably like to learn about new things as well. So, I introduce “alylikes”, a project about things I like, for people who like them too.

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