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Rainn Wilson, actor and creator of Soul Pancake, discusses creativity, blocks, and how to find inspiration.

“We’re so focused on the externals about like well he did this and he already did this and tons of people are already doing that, I need to do something new and you’re just looking outwards all the time and you’re not taking that time and that is what… a trap of technology is to just always have our vision somewhere else, somewhere else, in the future, looking outside of ourselves. And I think taking the time in the morning to connect with your breath, that’s where the purest impulse comes from. “


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Anatomy of Seeing

Michael Wolff, brand identity and graphic designer, on inspiration, curiosity, and “seeing”.

“I have three muscles, without which I couldn’t do my work.

The first is curiosity, really. You can call it inquisitiveness, you can call it questioning, but it’s a muscle…that enables me to ask, ‘Why is this like that?’

The second muscle, I call it the muscle of appreciation… It’s not questioning, so much as noticing how joyful things can be, how colorful things can be.

For me, the muscle of curiosity and the muscle of appreciation enables the muscle of imagination.”

via The Fox is Black

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We are getting Spring Fever at aly likes, and Verla Ivans’ arrows are just the ticket. These pieces are unique (how many of your friends have arrows hanging around, looking fancy?), beautifully handmade, and affordable. They come in sets of 5 or 6, around $40-50.

Source: verlaivans, Etsy

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Max Dalton

One again, welcome to aly likes. Today is Art Wednesday and it is a sunny morning, so we’ll start with a cheery artist! There were a lot of artists that I considered posting today, but the challenge was finding one that set the tone for the project. Enter Max Dalton, illustrator.

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