Panda Bear

Tech & Music Thursday, which is steadily dropping its first topic. You know the drill.

This week, we have the intense pleasure of listening to the latest musical genius of Noah Lennox, otherwise known as Panda Bear. You know him from Animal Collective, the band behind the earth-shattering 2009 record Merriweather Post Pavillion, as well as his pseudonym’s debut album Person Pitch.

There are obvious connections among all of Lennox’s projects: dreamlike harmonies, techno influences, and lyrics that transcend the conventions of popular musicians today. Lennox has the ability to transform electronic music from an abrasive, unnatural sample of sound to a combination that sounds to me like pure inspiration.

Source: bingelistening.

Tomboy is definitely within the same family as Lennox’s previous projects, but this album shows progression. He appears to be understanding his sound, how various details can accumulate into a cohesive whole. Recorded in a Portugal basement, Tomboy is decidedly darker than Person Pitch, but the quick beats prevent the songs from slipping into desolation; they retain a beautiful melancholy characteristic of the musician.

Tomboy is slated to be released April 12th, on Lennox’s label, Paw Tracks. Until then, stream the album or individual tracks at NPR. Trust me, the entirety is worth it.

Source: Gorilla vs. Bear

Tomboy by Panda Bear, via First Listen


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